Stone Fence

Our Stone fence is a pre-cast concrete fence that has the appearance of a wall built using flat stones.

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Our “Stonelook” pre-cast fence is popular with our customers who want the durability and attractiveness of a  stone/masonry fence without the cost.   Although it is a precast concrete fence it gives the impression of a stacked limestone wall. This fence is a very economical and speedy way to get this appearance without the costly installation of a true stone fence.

The “Stonelook” precast fence comes in a choice of two integral colors, creamy limestone and khaki stone. Once installed, this fence requires zero maintenance.  The design on this fence is identical on both sides.

This masonry fence consists of 5 inch by 5 inch H shaped posts set 5 foot apart, into which 1 foot high panels are stacked to a maximum height of 8 foot.  Each 5 foot section is finished with top rails and post caps.

This design is ideal for:

  • Housing developments
  • Security fencing
  • Mandatory fencing between residential and commercial properties
  • Sound barriers
  • Privacy/security enclosures for swimming pools or entertainment areas
  • Sound/light barriers on noisy streets
  • HOA s who are looking for an attractive, durable option.

If you have any questions about our Stone fence product, please contact us.